Doctor who?

Welcome to doctor vegan, a site dedicated to deconstructing the vegan (and vegetarian) food scene in Los Angeles and beyond.


What makes this site unique? Well, there’s definitely no shortage of vegan friendly restaurants in L.A., and no shortage of opinions about them. However, as a passionate foodie who is also concerned about eating a largely unprocessed, healthy, plant-based diet (that doesn’t put my taste buds to sleep!), I wanted to provide a site that provides reviews on both the flavor AND the healthfulness of the many vegan options around town. That’s why you’ll find two ratings for each food I review: one for TASTE, and one for HEALTH.

I’ll also share my experiences of visiting many local restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores, as well as post some of my favorite tried and true recipes for healthy plant-based meals and snacks. I’m a baker at heart, so you’ll find lots of muffin, cookie and other yummy recipes. I’ll also share advice on how to substitute healthier ingredients into your cooking that will make your foods richer, more nutritious, and satisfying on many levels.

I look forward to recommendations, suggestions, and discussions with my readers. Food is a fun topic, but it is also foundational to our health and well-being, not to mention our happiness! So let this be a site of mutual learning, with a lot of great eating along the way.

Who is doctor vegan?


My housemates call me Dr. K. I’m a long-term vegetarian/vegan, and I have a PhD in natural resource management (a.k.a. environmental policy). My professional background is in wildlife ecology, marine conservation, and environmental policy and governance. I am an avid environmental educator, SCUBA diver, baker, and world traveler—and I love to eat! I try to read every intriguing article about food production, nutrition, agriculture, and vegan/vegetarian cooking that I come across.

I have practiced a vegetarian diet for the last 17 years, and for much of that time I was vegan. Over this time I have learned a great deal about healthy plant-based eating and food preparation, and I want to share this information with all of YOU! While I believe that a plant-based diet has the lowest impact on natural resources and the planet as a whole, I support responsible eating of all kinds, whether that means organic and grass-fed animals or sustainably caught seafood. Not everyone can follow the same diet, and I understand that.

That said, this site focuses on vegan foods and locales, although from time to time I may highlight vegetarian, local, or sustainable foods that are not necessarily vegan. I like to be inclusive. I also love introducing non-vegans to foods that they normally would never try but end up loving. Vegan doesn’t mean LESS options, it means MORE interesting and creative options!

Join me on a (mostly) vegan adventure through L.A. and beyond. It’s time to live the vegan good life!

May the Food Be With You,

Dr. K


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey there Dr. K! It’s always a pleasure to meet another SoCal vegan. I’m in southern OC, however; so I only get to LA every so often. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you! Celeste 🙂

    1. Dr. K says:

      Thanks for your comment Celeste. It’s always great to meet fellow vegans/foodies. 🙂 I used to live and work in the OC. Looking forward to building this virtual vegan community!

  2. I will have to check in with you next time I make my way to California on the best places to visit. These days, I am thinking more about restaurants as destinations in their own right to experience flavors and entree ideas I might not have thought of on my own. Keep in touch,

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