Fave Links

These are some of my all-time favorite websites to keep up to date on food news, yummy recipes, and more. This list is a work in progress so check back from time to time for new additions.

Recipe websites/blogs:

101 Cookbooks Healthy Recipe Journal (vegetarian): Beautiful images and unique, inspiring recipes

Finding Vegan: A tantalizing site full of vegan recipes scrounged from all over the web(dozens posted every day), with mouth-watering images to match. If you follow the site on FB you will be bombarded with tempting recipes continuously.

Vegan.com: Website full of all things vegan–recipes, news, health guides and information, etc.

Meatless Monday: This site must have literally thousands of vegetarian recipes, most of them very easy to follow. Also contains info on the health benefits of a plant-based diet and how to get involved in food issues.

Nourished Kitchen: Many recipes (both simple and more complicated), plus a lot of great how-to’s and guides, like how to stock your kitchen, what grains to use for various purposes, etc.

NGO/grassroots organizations related to food and sustainability:

Takepart.org: A site dedicated to social and environmental justice, with news and actions on many topics including sustainable food production

Food Mythbusters: the real story about what we eat: Organization dedicated to promoting sustainable, organic agriculture and food security

Garden School Foundation: This organization partners with local elementary schools to provide outdoor education while providing children with healthy organic fruits and vegetables grown in school gardens. I love supporting organizations like this!

Documentary Films/Media about food:

Food Matters: A comprehensive site based on a documentary film; film clips, recipes, articles about nutrition and food production, and online store.

Forks Over Knives: Originally an eye-opening documentary (was on Netflix) about the western diet and inflammation, now a website with recipes, blog, shop, and more (their cookbooks are amazing resources for easy plant-based meals!)

Food Inc.: A classic, but still worthwhile expose into the food industry and the environmental as well as social justice issues of factory farmed food.

Dive, the Film: A provocative first hand perspective on the massive amounts of food waste in America, and the people who are taking a stand against it. Follows a group of dumpster divers that utilize the perfectly good food items thrown out daily by grocery stores and restaurants.

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